George Quirin’s understanding of many musical styles gives him the ability to mix them together in a unique way.

George on the patio.

George lives in Santa Barbara, California.  His time is devoted to teaching, writing, movie scoring, recording, producing and also performing for concerts, festivals and many private special events.

Cella, George’s wife, is also quite talented.  Her recording of “When I Know I Love You”  became a Top 10 hit in the Netherlands, holding the #1 spot on the radio charts for 2 months in the summer of 2010.  George co-produced, recorded, and played guitar on the track. The song was also in the Top 10 on the radio in Las Vegas.

Several of George’s students have gone on to have rewarding and successful careers in the entertainment industry.

George scored all the music for the documentary “I Just Love To Paddle” which thus far has won several awards in Film Festivals around the country.

2013-05-05-21.47George was recently commissioned to compose a piece for figure skater Robbie Przepioski who will be competing with George’s music in the 2014 Winter Olympic in Sochi, Russia.

George continues to work on recording projects and performance events that he is inspired by.